Case Study – Small Business Startup

Small Business Startup

Summary of Primary Tasks:

1. Establish Company Name that is not already in use (ie. is already taken.)

2. Establish Web Presense to include Website and Email.

3. Find Office Space that meets potential staff size and easy access for clients that can be customized for business needs and adequite ventilation and security for Network and Server equipment.

4. Establish Internal Network with Internet Access protected by a Firewall.

5. Establish Coporate Style Telecommunications with Automated Ansering System with Voicemail, taking into consideration the portablity of Main Company phone and fax numbers in case of future moves and office expansion.

6. Establish Internal Network Resources for Faxing, Printing, File Sharing, Business Applications, and Corporate Email.

7. Establish resonable security measures and data protection to include user level access premissions, daily backups, and disaster recovery.

8. Establish Corporate Standards for Computer Protection to include, firewalls, anti-spyware, and anti-virus programs.

9. Establish Remote Access for Key Employees to Network Resources and Applications from Home or Abroad using a Virtual Private Network.

10. Create Documentation and Maps for Network, Telecommunciations, Servers, and Applications for easy management.

These are the top ten items that getting a professional involved in as early as possible can save thousands of dollars and countless hours of headache.  While on the surface some tasks may seem quite simple and often can be done to save money they may lead to trouble when you look at the big picture.  Contacts us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you avoid common pitfalls.

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